Harley Davidson Softail 2004

BELTDRIVE SLimline 90 -06 ST für Harley Davidson

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SLIMLINE 13/4? BELT DRIVES, Standard offset drive includes front and rear pulleys and Pro clutch assembly with carbon fiber or polished aluminum guard One-piece motor plate with polished finish Slim 1 3/4", 11mm dense pack Kevlar polychain belt Tested to withstand horsepower loads in excess of 150 hp Optional brake and shifter mid-control kit also available with polished finish (sold separately; pegs not included) Made in the U.S.A., FARBE Gray OBERFLÄCHE Polished MATERIAL Aluminum MODELL Slimline HINWEIS Has Faux Carbon Fiber Guard GRÖSSE 1 3/4" MODELLSPEZIFISCH Yes AUSFÜHRUNG Custom Replacement TYP Belt Drive Kit

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